Week 8: The Week of Handels

21st of May 2010
Anders Smith
Emma Josefson

This week has been quite different from the other ones. First of all, we gave up our 'home' at GVC for a week moving to Handels. It has also been a week of individual work since commencing our chapters for the upcomming anthology. The short report The River City 2050 is almost finished and next week the printing will start!

Today, we had the traditional Fredagsfika where Anders treated all to a Strawberry R0ller cAke^ whilst Emma tried to impress with a sweet Apple Cak3^. Anders' cake won the poll 2-1... The week was summed up and all seemed to be pleased with the week's work, but missed our class room and coffee maker at GVC. So next week we'll be back and the tasks of preparing for not less than three presentations during the last week will be looked into. The anthology chapters are also to be finished and put together, but with two weeks left we're confident we'll make it in style!
//sM1th0^ & 3M0^
(Anders & Emma), chair wo/men week 8

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