SWOT of the River Area

To begin with the project we compile SWOT analysis of the river area from three source:

1. Ourselves

2. Stakeholders through phone and direct interview

3. Stakeholders through reference meeting.

To these three cluster of source, we pose several question such as;

1. What is your connection to the river area? How do you use it?

2. What is good about the river area today?

3. Do you see any problems in the river area?

4. How would you like the area to develop in the future?

5. What are the challenges you may face in the future?

6. How is the present transport system working for your company?

7. Do you profit from the river, economically?

8.  Do you see any environmental concerns in the river area? Today or in the future? In what way are you or might you be affected?

9.  Are there any social concerns? Education, health, integration…


After getting the data; we compile and summarize the SWOT as below;



- The Water

- Harbor

- Exporting industries

- Road resources

- Local competence, knowledge city.

- Tourism

- Gothenburg spirit in terms of society/social attractiveness



- Inefficient use of land (industries)

- Inaccessibility to the river

- Traffic and transport infrastructure

- governance issues (flexibiliy, participation, lack of coherence with comprehensive and detailed plan)

- Poor connection between the riversides

- Social exclusion

- Water quality

- high per capita footprint (eco, CO2, water)

- badly mixed urban structue (activities, people)

- Pollution




- Space for development

- Developing public transportations/infrastructure and new modes

- Renovate -sustainablizing of million project

- Renewable energy/fuel (local production)

- Urban agriculture

- eco tourism

- Waste management,

- Strengthen the Gothenburg spirit

- Use of Knowledge



- Climate change (Sea Level Rise)

- Landslides

- segregation

- Risk of industry accidents

- vulnerable fresh water supplies

- Energy dependency (peak oil)

- Loss of biodiversity

Furthermore we squeeze those SWOT into four important aspect we need to prioritize with;
1. Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change (Sea Level Rise)
2. Resource issues (regarding peak oil and alternative renewable energy)
3. Transportation
4. Social concern
Currently we are in the process of scenario construction that deal with those four aspects and also bearing in mind of the interview results.
Posted by Aditya Muharam

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