Scenarios, Meetings and Parties

Samira Heshmatzadeh

Jonas Wilson

Week 6 : Scenario processing

Chairpersons’ report

Monday the 3th of May

The week we had in front of us was kind of hard and packed week since the second reference meeting was included and also the three scenarios should have been finished. As chairpersons, me and Jonas tried to make a schedule for the whole week and give the members their tasks for the entire week. From the morning meeting the reference group gathered together and discussed the structure of the meeting. They decided to have one paper with a short description of each scenario as a handout for the reference meeting. After that the whole idea were discussed in the class and then the scenario groups started their work for the whole day keeping the deadline of 5 pages of PowerPoint and also 15 bullet point for the reference meeting by the end of Tuesday.

My sustainable friends have also surprised me by giving me a very nice purple well-smelling flower for my Birthday ;)

Tuesday the 4th of May

We started our meeting by celebrating Jonas Birthday.

After that we explained the schedule which me and Jonas had made the day before. So by having this schedule everyone was clear with their task for the whole week. All groups started their work direct after eating a very tasty birthday cake which had been made by me J. At the end of the day all groups submitted their part for reference meeting and we decided about what other should do on Wednesday since some of us should have attend the reference meeting the other took the responsibility of revising the project aim, sustainable development definition and background and also we agreed on that each group should prepare some feedback on other scenarios.

Wednesday 5th of May

This Wednesday was kind of busy day for me. I was one of the reference group meeting and also a chairlady which I was responsible for the project and reference meeting simultaneously. The reference meeting group; Samira, Adelina, Rita, Riffat, Nining and Islam, started the work by the first minuets of the day and we didn’t have lunch either. So the reference meeting was started at 13 pm directly.  The stockholders introduced themselves as well as the students. Per joined us as one of the project advisors. The meeting was held perfectly and we got a very nice idea and comments from them.

After meeting we came back to the whole group and we started with Emma’s birthday, celebrating it with another perfect cake baked by me ;)

After the short celebration, we discuss the  feedback from the stockholders as well as the scenario groups. After the school we all went to Jonas place and celebrate his birthday once more.

Thursday 6th of May

As we thought we need to change or kind of restructuring our scenarios putting stockholder’s opinion into it, me and Jonas came 8 am to school and started to brain storm the new structure for our scenarios. Per joined us 8:50 and he gave us some perfect idea which we share it later in the class. Also we discussed the editors’ task and talked about the anthology and how students should participate on that.  So the scenario goal keepers gathered together and brought a good idea, then we started our work and it took the whole day.

Friday 7th of May

From the beginning, me and Jonas decided not to have a fika since we should have finished our 6 pages text by Monday.  So from the start of the day after a very short meeting, all groups started to work hard on their scenarios. Some of them continued during the lunch as well. So by the end of the day all groups submitted their text on Gmail documents and we didn’t have fika which made me a bit sad because I was looking forward for this meeting to get feedback on my work. Any way we had a new version of fika which Jonas bought some cookies and we had kind of working fika.

Personally, I thought the week was kind of productive week in which we finally started writing the short report and as I talked to some of the students, they said that finally we wrote the text for report. So for me the serious part of the course starts in this week. So good luck for the project and of course for the next week chairman who is Nam and he take the responsibility of chairman alone.

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