Welcome to Project Management for Sustainable Development

Dear Students!

Welcome to the 2010 course "Project Management for Sustainable Development".

The course starts on Monday 29th of March at 09.00 at Department of Earth Sciences (Guldhedsgatan 5A) in Room MARK OCH LUFT.

During the course you are expected to work 09.00 - 17.00, Monday - Friday, with the project until the 5th of June. 

This year's project will deal with urban sustainable development in the face of climate change and will focus on the centre of Gothenburg, along the southern and northerns shores of Göta Älv. The present and future development of this city area involves a vast number of aspects, including environmental, social, political, economic and cultural. It furthermore contains local as well as regional, international levels and scales. 

During the course you will work in cooperation with different stakeholders concerned with the future development of Göteborg, including representatives from the Gothenburg City Administration, the private sector, the general public and various interest groups.

See you on Monday 29th of March!

The course supervisors


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