Friday fiKa

Welcome to Friday fiKa!

As a part of the tradition, "Rivercity" family warms its members with "fika" which usually takes place in every Friday around 15:00 before friday catches them! No wonder it is one of moments that members wait for all week, and rejoice themselves by sharing their feelings and exhange ideas & weekly experiences. While mingling with coffee & conversation, it is perhaps more than just a 'fika' covered by following agenda:

> Sum up the week: Review the whole week's activities & performances
> Actions & Plan for next week
> 'Open Your Mind' session: Members share their week experices, evaluate themselves as well as the group as a whole, post new ideas & proposals
> Refreshments: f i k a

However, this page is OUR place where we post our stories, exciting moments, actions & upcoming events. So check it out! We would love to share our weekly 'fika' stories with YOU; and also you are just more than welcome to have a cup of coffee with us :)

(Coming Up) Opera!

May 13, 2010. Rivercity members are going to enjoy the "Böhem" at Gothenburg Opera House on the date around 19:30. You can also join, we will be very happy to have you with us. If you feel so, then please contact us as soon as possible. You can also personally look for members "Rossi" or "Jonas" for details.

Week 4: a fiKa for 'Quy'

April 23, 2010. This Friday was more than fun! It turned out to be one of our member's birthday! What else could have been more fun? We celebrated 'Quy's birthday with sheer joy & choirs; not to mention about the chocolates which was brought for him but unfortunately we digested it before he got any chance! In this bunch of fun, we missed one of our members " Mr. Vasa from Serbia" who was sick (?) & couldn't join us. However, 'fika' was ended by usual discussions & greetings.

Apart from this, for "Jonas" it was a special friday since he had his first football match on Gothenburg Club Football Tournament; we had our best wishes for him (otherwise he would have killed us)! Finally, we, rest of the members ended our day going to after-work. 

Celebrating our first fiKa:

*** details coming soon

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